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Here I am sharing some thoughts from my experiences in my clinical and forensic practice, as well as through my role as a mother of three children, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a friend.

Encouraging Words to Use With Children

Encouraging Words for Parents to Use With Their Children

Sometimes when we praise our children, we focus on their appearance, when we really should be focusing on their unique and special qualities and abilities. Sometimes we focus on an outcome, when we really want to focus on their internal qualities and what helped them to achieve the desired outcome. We want to communicate that what is important is what is on the inside. Children may not always achieve the results that they want, and we do not want them to determine their worth (and others’ worth) by a measurable outcome. This is not to say that you should not comment on how attractive your children look when they dress up for a special occasion, or not congratulate them on an achievement. Simply be mindful not to make commenting on appearance and outcome a habit or the most important factor. In the long run, good sportsmanship will have longer lasting positive results for children than winning. Building character will help children further in life than their appearance or results of a specific sporting or academic event.

Here are some encouraging words that help children feel good about themselves just for being who they are.

  • I love spending time with you.
  • You are working really hard.
  • I am so proud of you!
  • Your effort is paying off.
  • I trust you.
  • You are so special to me.
  • I know that you will figure it out.
  • You matter. Your words matter.
  • That was so kind of you.
  • You are making a difference in the world.
  • I can tell that you really care about this.
  • I appreciate you.
  • You really care about your friends. I see you are so kind to them.
  • What are your thoughts?
  • I can tell that you have worked so hard on this.
  • Your time and effort are so important.
  • Thank you for your cooperation.
  • I love you.
  • You are demonstrating perseverance and strength.
  • Thank you for helping with the laundry. That really helped me out.
  • I noticed that you have been working so hard on this project. Good for you.

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