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Here I am sharing some thoughts from my experiences in my clinical and forensic practice, as well as through my role as a mother of three children, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a friend.

New Line of Mental Health-Inspired Jewelry

Announcing “Peggy’s Midnight Creations” – Inspirational Jewelry for life’s celebrations, relationships, occasions, and challenges.

As a psychologist, I am often encouraging my clients to discover their passions and carve out time for them. In 2008, I took a class in jewelry making. As I experienced the therapeutic impact of beading, it very quickly became a passion. I am now drawing upon my 20+ years in the mental health field and incorporating wisdom gained into bracelets for a variety of life’s celebrations, occasions, relationships, and challenges. The inspirations/instructions for the bracelets draw upon humanistic psychology and research from cognitive behavioral psychology. On my Inspirational Jewelry page, you will find:

Gratitude Bracelet, Couples Bracelet, Peace in Relationships Bracelet, Angel Bracelet (2 designs), Healing Loss Bracelet (2 kinds), Friendship Bracelet, Coping with Anxiety Bracelet (2 designs), Promoting Peace and Relaxation Bracelet, Coping with Depression Bracelet (2 designs), Coping with Divorce/Breakup Bracelet, The Love Bracelet, Celebrating Sobriety Bracelet, Celebrating a Goal/Growth and Development Bracelet, Happiness/Joy Bracelet (3 designs), Mother/Daughter Bracelets, Proud Mother Bracelet, Proud Grandmother Bracelet, Coping with Illness/Difficulty Bracelet (4 styles – “love”, “peace”, “hope”, or “joy”), Peace in Parenting Teens Bracelet, The Four Agreements Bracelet, Intentional Acts of Kindness Bracelet, and for fun – Beach Bliss Bracelet and Snowflake Bracelet.

Here are some examples.  All bracelets come in an organza gift pouch with inspiration/instruction card. Please visit Inspirational Jewelry page for the corresponding card for each bracelet.

inspirational-jewelry-ideas-and-supplies cope-anxiety-1 cope-depression-1 cope-depression-2-mauve random-acts-of-kindness peace-in-relationships-or-couples-female

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