Your Best Life for Kids with Dr. Peggy: Teaching Self-Healers

Inside the Circle...


So, what’s the "secret" to creating the happiness you want in your life?

What can you DO to feel good, even on a crummy day?

How do you create a life where you feel less stress and worry?

It’s not magic.  But it is magical.


It’s self-healing.

It's personal growth.

It's doing the “work”, even on your “bad” days.


The good news is that this “work” does not feel like work.  Doing this “work”, you feel good in the moment, and you will be helping yourself to feel good for a long time.

How do I know??

I lived it at your age. I studied it when I got older. Since then, I've helped thousands of people.

I designed this special program for kids to help YOU learn how to make yourself feel better.  

This is for YOU if you if you want to learn more about some tools that will help you live your best life NOW, and help you for the rest of your life.

This is for YOU if you are really busy and have lots of activities going on, and you and your parents have a hard time fitting something like this into your schedule.

This is for YOU if you want to learn simple ideas to improve your mood, and feel less stress-out, in what seems to be a stressed-out world.

This is for YOU if you are struggling, but you do not have time and/or money to see a therapist.

All of my life, people have asked me what I do to be “so happy”.  I have given it A LOT of thought, and I came up with simple, doable, feel-good ideas.  These ideas are for everyone.  

I am very lucky that I found some things that helped me to feel better when I was your age. Things that became so much a part of my life that I did not even think about doing them. I just did them. 

And as I got older, I just kept on doing them! Now I teach kids to do the same.

The "secret" – I simply continued to do some of the things that helped me when I was your age.

But times are different, and what came easy to me as a child may not be so easy to do today. But these things still work! You simply have  to make time to do them.

The good news is, they do not take long, and they feel good!

In case your parents are wondering, the research proves that these ideas really help.  As a psychologist, it is really important to me that I teach what WORKS!

So, what do I do to be “so happy”?  

It's not a secret, and I reveal all of that and more in this program designed for kids. And your parents can learn too!


Your Best Life for Kids with Dr. Peggy: Teaching Self-Healers


Using what has worked for me since I was a little girl, I will TEACH you, so you can be your own self-healer.

Right away, you'll be able to put these ideas, activities, and suggestions into action in your life for greater happiness.

Every month you'll get:


  1. One recorded on-line training video with me
  2. On-line Q&A one-two weeks after the training
  3. FREE prizes and gifts for those who attend the Q&A as it is happening
  4. Weekly inspirations, right from my head, to your parent's inbox to share with you
  5. For your parents - a list of the books, videos, podcasts, and apps related to each training, and my biggest takeaways.

What I have to teach you is so simple. So simple that even on your busiest day, you will be able to do something that helps you to feel better.


It is doable.


It is enjoyable.


It is life-changing, yet so simple. But you simply have to DO it.


The good news is that’s is simple. Super simple.

Who wants complicated? Not me!

To answer people's request for help in their busy lives, I created this program – Your Best Life for Kids with Dr. Peggy: Teaching Self-Healers

We'll get to spend some time together for you to learn lifelong skills to live your best life, immediately.

I'll be sharing real-time issues that people are facing in life these days.

Topics will include, but aren't limited to:


  • Dealing with relationships that don't make you happy
  • Ways of feeling better when you’re having a crummy day
  • Coping with disappointment, big and small
  • Finding joy in sad parts of life
  • Learning how to forgive people who have hurt your feelings
  • Ways to deal with feeling overwhelmed when you feel as though you have so much school work
  • Feeling more connected to your friends
  • Taking care of your emotions
  • Research-backed methods of addressing depression and anxiety
  • Dealing with friendship changes
  • Addressing loneliness
  • What to do with all your negative thoughts
  • Fostering courage
  • Learning methods of self-care to be your best self mentally and physically
  • Developing resilience

The power to heal and grow is within YOU.

So let’s get started with some material for your self-healing and growth.   


That’s right – SELF-healing. Because the power is within YOU. I am simply going to be teaching you how to tap into the power within you.

For just $25 a month, you will learn skills to last a lifetime.

So, your parents may have some questions... let's get those answered:


Is there a cancellation fee?

Nope. You can cancel any time. The only thing to keep in mind is that you'll lose access to past trainings and content.


Do you pro-rate a month if I cancel early?

No, we don't. You can cancel any time, but we won't be dishing out $2 here and there. Use each month to its fullest!


Do I get to keep the material?

Yes! As long as your subscription is active, you'll have access to all of the material, even material that was posted before you signed up! It’s all there!


How does payment work?

Payment is made via PayPal, and is a recurring (automatic) payment.  You may join any day of the month.  Automatic payment will be scheduled for the same day of every month. For example, if you signed up on December 28th, then your next payment will automatically be on January 28th. Should you wish to cancel, you must notify me 4 days before your next automatic payment.


At a time when the world has flat-lined emotionally, let’s COME ALIVE! This is the year of fulfillment, connection, transformation, and joy.

Dr. Peggy DeLong
The Gratitude Psychologist

Psychologist, Speaker, Author, Jewelry Designer


I’m a New Jersey native who has lived life to the fullest, even through difficult times.

I earned my doctoral degree in psychology, graduating at the top of the class.  I have been married to my dear husband for 21 years, and we have three beautiful teenage children. I have utilized real life skills and strategies in my personal life, as well as my professional life with my clients and students, and it’s become part of my life’s work to teach that to others.

I’ve devoted the past few years of my professional life to positive psychology and teaching methods of self-healing.

I’ve done that through:

Workshops and presentations teaching thousands of people, including young children, teenagers, and adults

The sale of my inspirational bracelets related to mental health, sold through my website and found in 20 stores around the country, with thousands of bracelets sold

Individual, private psychotherapy in my private practice in psychology

Women’s Retreats

The publication of my book! “I Can See Clearly Now: A Memoir about Love, Grief, and Gratitude”

and the publication of "Gratitude Journal: A 365 Day Gratitude Journey"

My soon to be published book about finding joy in everyday living

Articles published in “The Independent Practitioner” (a journal for psychologists in independent practice), The New Jersey Psychological Association on-line newsletter, and POWDER: The Skier’s Magazine (a national magazine for ski-lovers).