Women’s Walking Group

I facilitate a weekly women’s walking group. We started in 2014 and are going strong! We typically walk once a week at 9:00AM throughout the year. Research has demonstrated that group walks in nature have been associated with significantly lower depression, less perceived stress, and enhanced overall mental health and well-being. In this group, I combine my passions: helping people improve mental health, the outdoors, and being with people. This is not group psychotherapy, but does have similar benefits. We typically walk about three miles at various parks and trails, at about a 3mph pace. Here are some links demonstrating the positive impact that walking in nature has on mental health.





Here is what you will receive:

    • Planned, guided walk in nature, taking out the guesswork regarding where to go
    • An opportunity to get outside in nature throughout the year
    • 4 three-mile walks/month, at 9AM, on a weekday (M-F)
    • Occasional additional hikes at Schooley’s Mountain Park, Hacklebarney, Cooper Gristmill, and Willowwood
    • Meaningful conversation
    • Form new connections and deepen old ones
    • Company to provide you with comfort and the safety of being with others
    • Weekly inspirations related to mental and physical health
    • Membership in private Facebook group