Women’s Walking Group – Terms and Conditions

You are responsible for knowing your own limits and being responsible for your own health. You should check with your doctor before participating in any physical activity. I will do my best to explain the terrain of each walk/hike, and it is up to you to decide whether or not to participate. By participating in the walk or hike, you are agreeing not to hold Peggy DeLong responsible for any injury or issue. By participating, you are demonstrating that you understand that there are natural hazards, such as rocks and roots, as well as potential weather hazards.

Most of the walks will occur on the Columbia Trail.  If the Columbia Trail is too icy, we will walk on Turtleback Road. Peggy reserves the right to cancel the walk in the event of inclement weather, or to change the location if needed. Email notifications will go out by 8:30AM in the event of cancellation. When the condition of the Columbia Trail is questionable (icy), we will meet at the designated location for that week at 9AM, and then make a determination whether or not to change the location by 9:10AM. That will be a decision made by those present, and there will be no email notification, as it is assumed that anyone coming will already be there by 9:10.

We will aim to leave each walk by 9:05. I will let you know in each email which direction we are walking in, so if you are running late, you can catch up.  People often have appointments after the walk, so we need to be mindful of timing and leave by 9:05, and keep the walk to one hour

Once you sign up and pay, you will be added to the email distribution list. Email notifications of all walks will go out via Mailchimp. You will also be invited to join the private facebook group. Payment is non-refundable, and is $25 regardless of when you join. Membership is from 1/1/20-12/31/20.