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Dr. Peggy DeLong

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Go from anxious and confused to fun-filled and clear.

“This workshop was electrifying!” – Jennifer W.

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Hey there beautiful woman…

You’ve read all the books.

You feel like you and Brene Brown should be best friends.

Oprah? Sure…you’ll be on her couch one day! Right?


You’re ready to feel like people see you, for you.

You’d love for your husband to tell you you’re beautiful and appreciated.

You know you deserve to hear, “Thanks Mom. I’m so grateful.”

Fun-filled “girls weekends” are too few and far between.

It’s time for you:

To be genuinely happy with your life.

To stop dwelling on what’s not going well and appreciating and celebrating what is going right!

To be able to enjoy a simple yet great cup of coffee!

To walk into a room and feel beautiful and valued, regardless of how tight your pants feel!


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and I’ll take you from frustrated and worn out to playful and energized.

In five days, Rachel Hollis will have nothing on you!
Pull up your yoga pants and let’s get to work!

The Gratitude Challenge Registration Form

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Here’s what people are saying about my ground-breaking work in Gratitude:

“I haven’t stopped talking about what we learned with you to friends and family. Thank you, Peggy!!”

“It was most enjoyable. I needed something positive and this was it!”

“Peggy touched my heart, which encouraged me to show gratitude toward others today and a bigger way.”

“Thanks for the wonderful information! I’m so inspired! I can’t wait to get started in my own life.”

” Peggy really is amazing, and the expressions from the participants were so heartfelt.”

“Peggy DeLong is inspiring and informative at the same time. In a word, she’s: brilliant.”

“Peggy is fantastic and she really got my brain going.”

“I loved everything! You have the most comforting, soothing voice.”

“The entire presentation is wonderful. I enjoyed the exercises and ideas I can use in my daily life.”

“I appreciate your honesty and openness. It helped me.”

“Thank you for the discussion on exercises to incorporate into daily life.”

“I loved your openness and warmth.”

“The story about the hazelnut coffee and finding gratitude, even when dealing with a personal tragedy was so beneficial for me.”

“So helpful – thank you for giving me all these ideas!”

“Your personal examples and the worksheet helped me to express gratitude in my daily life.”

“Thank you for the many different ways to be grateful.”

At a time when so many people are feeling anxious and confused,
I’m here for you.

Sign up right now and we’ll get you started on the road to loving your life.


I’m going to take you from “Is this all there is?” to “OMG! I love my life!”

The Gratitude Challenge Registration Form

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Dr. Peggy DeLong, Psy.D., the Gratitude Psychologist, is a clinical and forensic psychologist in Long Valley, NJ.

For over 17 years, she’s served as an Expert to the NJ Court System regarding parenting and child development, and is the author of I Can See Clearly Now: A Memoir about Love, Grief, and Gratitude.

She works with private therapy clients, community and business groups in fostering gratitude and cultivating joy in every day living. She’s also the creator of The Gratitude Course, an 8-week online course that teaches the skill, and art, of daily gratitude.

The ground-breaking results of her gratitude work have inspired the creation of her best-selling bracelet, The Gratitude Bracelet, along with 100 other bracelet designs for emotional support, mental health, inspiration, and healing available at